Translations in and from all languages of the world

For us, no text is too long or too short and we know every field and every language. Technical translations in the fields of commerce, economy, industry, marketing, finance, law, technology, IT/software, medicine, research/development and tourism are in safe hands with our experienced and specialized native speakers. Your project manager, the owner himself, ensures quick processing and on-time delivery!

Pricing depends on the language chosen, the length and the difficulty of the text. We guarantee an optimum and excellent price-performance ratio.

(Technical) Translations (also text passages or mini texts)

  • correspondence (business letters, offers, etc.)
  • advertising materials (flyers, website, …)
  • manuals, instructions
  • manuscripts, books

Express translations

Patent translations

Certified translations

  • adoption papers
  • apostille
  • workbooks
  • medical certificates
  • identification documents
  • certifications
  • diplomas/theses
  • driving license
  • certificates of good conduct
  • court judgments
  • medical reports
  • statutes
  • documents (birth/marriage/… certificate)
  • contracts
  • references

Terminology management/Copywriting (terminology and styles for specific target groups)

Company/Product-related terms and notions have to be used consistently in all foreign languages. Therefore, active terminology management in the form of data bases, glossaries and lists is an essential component of the translation process.

  • advertising texts (ads, HF spots, …)
  • journalistic texts
  • company profiles (websites)
  • economy and finance

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