Interpreters for all languages, types and fields

We interpret in and from almost all languages for you.

Consecutive: The classic type of interpreting. The words are transmitted after a certain delay and without technical equipment. Therefore, a speech lasts twice as long. This type is especially suitable for small groups, at negotiations or toasts.

Simultaneous: The interpreter receives the text that is presented (at a multilingual conference) directly through headphones in a soundproof booth. The translation takes place with only a minimal time lag. Due to high concentration, at least two interpreters for each language are needed (they switch from time to time). The exact number of interpreters required depends on the language combinations.

Whispered interpreting: No technical equipment required, recommendable for 1 – 3 persons.

Company at business trips/meetings/negotiations: We place qualified linguistic and cultural experts at your disposal. They will also support you at meetings or urgently needed translations.

Types of interpreting

  • simultaneous
  • consecutive
  • conferences
  • whispered interpreting
  • liaison interpreting (also abroad)
  • telephone interpreting
  • video conferences
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