Language trainings for beginners and advanced learners

Language trainings, classes and teaching


We offer, among other things, individual trainings for executives and employees, appropriate preparation for stays abroad, practical teaching of technical vocabulary when dealing with foreign customers, basic refreshment of any desired foreign language. In order to save time and money, you can choose the location where the classes will take place.

Seminars, private/group lessons (e.g. English)

  • for secretaries / for reception desk
  • for Human Resources Manager
  • for meetings
  • for telephoning
  • for negotiations

We cover every topic you desire. For example: business, regional and cultural studies, rhetoric, communication or discussion training. Of course, we would also support you in preparing and practicing speeches and lectures.


With us, you can learn every foreign language through play in each age group and at any level.

Language classes

  • adults
  • adolescents (11 until 18 years)
  • primary school children (6 until 10 years)
  • preschool age (three- until five-year-olds)


We offer language training and coaching for executives and their relatives in written and/or oral form. For example: small talk, fine-tuning in everyday situations, conversation for special occasions as well as language competence for meetings, negotiations, presentations – we will help you to feel as secure as in your mother tongue when using the needed foreign language.

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