The entire world of languages

Our slogan is not just a hollow promise. With the following services, we complete our offer and therefore the entire spectrum.


Your texts will be reviewed and adjusted with regard to style, grammar, formatting and hyphenation.


Non-native speakers get help with pronunciation, for example by making a phonetic transcription of a text or by presenting the exact spelling of a word/text in different font, in case there are no corresponding character sets.

Video conferences

Our conference rooms at the Vienna Ringstrassen-Galerien, equipped with the corresponding installations, are at your disposal 24 hours a day.


Settings for radio and TV. We take care of the translations as well as the selection of a suitable speaker. If desired, we would also support you in technical implementation together with one of the best recording studios in Austria.

Project management

Linguistic knowledge means more than just the ability of speaking a foreign language. It is about methods and rules whereby a translator can transfer contents into another language. The project manager needs to have basic linguistic knowledge for being able to make key project decisions, even if he does not speak the required language fluently. We do not only have decades of experience, we also have the technical, commercial, organizational and social skills that are needed to keep the overview of all the different work steps of your project.


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